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At the end of the last (20th) century, in Samara (Russia) there was an interesting, especially for collectors, action: releasing and using tokens to pay for monthly services of public transport (bus, trolley bus, tram). Themes of releases devoted to the history, architecture and current city events were of great interest. A token was made of aluminium, diameter of 34 mm, thickness of 3 mm. Each circulation was near 1500-2000 copies per release. Unfortunately, the group of enthusiasts of this action failed to continue with such an interesting undertaking but there were more than 30 releases including experiments in Chapayevsk and Syzran. I think such a series cannot remain indifferent many collectors. Moreover, some more versions have been found out (maybe they are fake but I am not sure, and it is impossible to make it clear yet). And the most important matter is that some part of tokens going out of circulation were cancelled in the city museum with the stamp specially made for each token. This also increases the total of token versions and rouse interest to this theme. Souvenir releases in copper, bronze, silver also have been made. Thus, the total of token versions is big enough. I have not refrained myself from using this opportunity to collect all versions of tokens. There are 96 tokens in my collection. All of them are presented at this site. I think this is not the full number of versions. If there is any other not presented at the site please contact me:
This is not an attempt to create another catalogue of Samara transport tokens, there were enough of them. This is just a collection of the website author. My description of the collection differs from others with:
- Detailed classification by versions of token reverses,
- Description of data of circulations is excluded.
The previous attempts to describe circulations of some kinds of tokens do not stand up to any criticism, and the truth cannot be restored any more.



Website about collecting wrappers from chewing gum:

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